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  1.My View on Fake Commodities (1998.1)

  1. 假冒伪劣商品的危害。

  2. 怎样杜绝假冒伪劣商品。

  My View on Fake Commodities

  Nowadays fake commodities have flooded almost every inch ofthemarket. Wherever you are, whatever you do, it seems that youcanhardly have fallen prey to them. In other words, it ishighlyprobable that you have bought some of those fake goods orproductsof inferior quality。

  Needless to say, fake commodities have already done great harmtoour society. On the one hand, they will ruin the good reputationofgenuine products and disturb the balance of the market. Ontheother hand, the prevalence of such products hashinderedinterpersonal relationship and resulted in the decline ofpublicmorality. As a consequence, they have wasted exhaustibleresources,endangered people"s precious life and health, and in thelong runeroded public trust。

  Then, what should be done to do away with fake commodities?Tostart with, the government needs to tighten its inspectionprogramand strengthen its enforcement policies. Secondly,honestbusinessmen should modify some long-accepted practices attheprotection of their intellectual property right. Most importantofall, we consumers will have to do a better job of learning howtodistinguish between the genuine and the phoney and definitelysayno to the fake ones. In one word, the coordinated effort ofthewhole society will put an end to fake commodities。

  2.Changes in the Ownership of Houses (2003.6)




  Changes in the Ownership of Houses

  As is shown in the chart, great changes have taken place intheownership of houses in the city. There has been a steady declineinthe percentage of state-owned houses from 75 in 1990 to 20 in2000.On the contrary, the percentage of private houses has been ontherise。

  Several factors may account for the trend. For one thing, owingtothe policy of reform and opening to the outside world, thepastdecade witnessed significant improvement in people"s standardofliving. In other words, they have had the means to purchasehousesof their own. For another, people"s ideas about consumptionhaveundergone some radical changes. In the past, they werereluctant tospend, but now they are willing to buy. Anyway, it ismuch morecomfortable to dwell in a house of one"s own。

  These changes in the ownership have already had a positiveeffecton both individuals and society. Individuals, young peopleinparticular, will be motivated to work harder to purchase a nestoftheir own. As a result, the housing industry will be boostedandmore revenues will be raised to cover other sectors of ournationaleconomy。



  1. Should College Students Live on Campus

  a. 有些人喜欢住在学校的宿舍,因为……

  b. 有些人喜欢住在校外,因为……

  c. 我的看法

  There are an increasing number of students who choose to liveoffcampus. Parents and university administrationsunderstandablyreacted differently. They voiced concerns aboutsecurity and thethreat of off-campus lifestyles getting out ofcontrol. However,college students have their own reasons for theirchoices。

  Some students prefer to live on campus for the followingreasons.First, campus residents are closer to classes, the library,andother resources, so they are more likely to succeed in collegeandcomplete their bachelor"s degree in four years. Furthermore,Livingin a dorm is a great opportunity to meet all kinds of newpeopleand develop relationships with them, so students living oncampusare more sociable. Last but not the least, living on campusischeaper and more convenient. Often times, off-campus housingismore expensive than on-campus housing and while living oncampus,you don"t have to worry about monthly rent payments andutilitybills。

  Some others choose to live off campus because they believelivingoff campus they are more independent, with more privacy and alotmore quiet time. Living off campus gives them freedom fromthosedorm rules and allow them to set their own. The extra spacealsomeans that one can probably find a quiet place to study intheconvenience of his own home。

  As for me, I"m a faithful supporter of the former group becauseI,living on campus myself, have witnessed and enjoyed alltheconvenience and happiness of doing so. To me, living oncampusundoubtedly adds an important element to the completecollegeexperience。

  2. Pursuit of A Master"s Degree

  a. 根据下图描述某校毕业生毕业意向的变化 b. 分析选择读研的毕业生数目增加的原因

  c. 说明选择读研对个人和社会产生的影响



  It is illustrated in the pie charts that graduates" choicesaftergraduation have experienced much change. The number ofstudentschoosing to pursue a master"s degree and study abroad growsseveraltimes over the decade。

  The reasons of the increasing number of students pursuingamaster"s degree are as follows. First, with the number ofcollegegraduates growing each year, the situation in the job marketisgetting tighter and tighter. The public awareness of thesituationhas created a surge of interest in seeking a master"sdegree.Secondly, many cross-national companies set a much higherstandardfor new recruits than ever. It seems that the highereducation youhave, the higher salary you may receive。

  Choosing to study for master"s degree will benefit theindividualsand the whole society as well. The quality of Chineseintellectualswill be considerably enhanced, which in turn willboost the progressof the whole society。

  3 Directions: Suppose you are Wei Qiang and you will graduatefromuniversity. Write a letter of inquiry to the Department ofPhysics,University of Wisconsin, asking for admission as agraduatestudent。

  July, 2007

  Dear Sirs,

  I am very interested in undertaking graduate work inyouruniversity. I have read research papers by two of yourprofessorsDr. Thomas Bay and Mr. Sherry Haily. I"d like to studyunder theirguidance。

  In Septr of 2003 I was enrolled in the Computer School of theXYZUniversity as a computer major. Throughout the four years ofstudy,I take this field as one of great potentials for my country.I feelthe need to study further in order to develop well inthisarea。

  I would appreciate receiving your materials such asdepartmentalbrochure or pamphlet, and a university catalog orbulletin。

  Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward toyourreply。

  Respectfully yours,

  Wei Qiang

  4. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes towritean essay entitled Say “Thank You” to Parents. You should writeatleast 150 words following the outline given below in Chinese:

  1. 很多的大学生从未跟父母道过谢 2. 请说明原因 3. 你的建议

  According to a recent survey involving over 3000undergraduates,35% of university students have never said “Thankyou” to theirparents. Their parents have done all they could tobring them up inthe past score of years, but have never beenrewarded withgratitude。

  The subjects claim such reasons as follows. First and foremost,aquarter of the interviewed students regard it as parents" dutytosupport them spiritually and financially. And it is notnecessaryto express appreciation to their parents. However, themajority ofyoungsters are aware of their parents" tender love butare notaccustomed to saying “Thank you”. Some even find ageneration gapbetween themselves and their parents, thus feelingreluctant toexpress their affection for their parents。

  In my opinion, extending thankfulness to our parents is a wayofrespecting them and their love. We should express ourfeelingsdirectly and bravely, but what"s more important is, weshould doall that we can to reward them。


  (一)Fire Prevention on Campus

  1. 前段时间校园火灾频发,造成生命和财产损失

  2. 分析火灾发生的原因

  3. 作为学生,如何预防校园火灾发生




  l Fire Prevention on Campus

  People are alarmed by the succession of campus fires inrecentyears. In each of these accidents, heavy casualties werereported –houses were burned down, students lost their lives, andpropertieswere damaged. Faced with such a chilling fact, peoplekeep asking,“What on earth results in these repeatedtragedies?”

  A brief survey of them reveals that human factors still provetobe the leading causes. For example, three of these fireswerecaused by the students" use of electric water-heaters. Asstudentsoften leave the heaters unattended, the risks are ratherhighshould the water in the bottle boil dry while no one is aroundtoturn off the power. In other cases, fires were also causedbystoves, candles, cigarette butts, etc。

  Since most of these disasters could have been prevented ifproperprecautions had been taken, students should be bettereducated onthe importance and measures of fire control. Thefollowing threereminders are of particular importance for usstudents: First,learn how to use a fire extinguisher. Second,double-check candles,heaters, stoves and other electric appliances,and make sure thereare no open flames before leaving rooms. Lastly,do not smoke inthe dorm.




  (1)此句What on earth results in theserepeatedtragedies?常可作为过渡句,引出下文

  (2)注意描述有关火灾客观事实,多使用被动语态,如are alarmed by,were reported,wereburneddown,were damaged,Faced with。




  electric water-heaters电热水器


  详述预防火灾的三点措施,注意使用连接词语first, second, lastly。


  take precautions采取预防措施

  fire extinguisher灭火器

  (二)Enhance Awareness to Guard against Campus Thefts

  1. 校园盗窃案件时有发生

  2. 物品被盗的原因

  3. 学生如何加强防盗意识



  l Enhance Awareness to Guard against Campus Thefts

  “If you don"t want to wake up and find you have no pants towear,you"d better put them on in sleep,” goes a popular jokeamongstudents. Obviously, campus thefts have becomeincreasinglyannoying as they occur far more often than before. Andit seemsthat the thieves are less choosy these days, with theirtargetsranging widely from bikes, cell phones, purses, pre-paid ICcardsto sunglasses, bags, and even underwear. In short, anythingthatworth a dime is likely to be stolen。

  What makes students the easy targets? The reasons are not hardtofind. But I believe of all these reasons, the lack ofanti-theftalertness is the most important. For lack of alertness,thestudents tend to leave the doors and windows wide open duringsleepat noon or at night in summer. For the same reason, they"llalsoleave their bikes unlocked before a store or by a road, orforgetto take away their personal stuff before they go out oftheclassroom to make a phone call. These acts undoubtedlyhaveincreased their exposure to the light-fingered monsters。

  In order to minimize possible losses, the students must stayonguard in the first place, as awareness of the thefts aroundoftenmakes a big difference. To be more specific, the studentsshouldnot hide any tempting amount of cash in the dorm. Put it inthebank instead. Besides, do not leave any valuable itemsunattended.Take them wherever you go. In addition, it"s advisableto develop aneighbourhood watch programme with other students inthe dorm andneighbouring dorms。




  it seems that此句型表示一种可能性




  (1)What makes students the easy targets?此句引出下文

  (2)anti-theft alertness防盗意识

  (3)lack of alertness缺乏警惕





  注意关联词语in the first place,Besides,In addition的使用可使行文更富逻辑性。

  (三)How Will Our Life Go on without Internet?

  1. 网络提供给了人们丰富多彩和便捷的生活

  2. 很多人开始感觉离开网络寸步难行

  3. 你对网络依赖症的看法




  l How Will Our Life Go on without Internet?

  If asked whether the Internet is the greatest discovery ofthe20th century, my answer would be yes. The Internet has drawntheworld closer together, realized countless incredible dreams,andprovided modern people with a great many conveniences andabrilliant life。

  Today, many people simply feel they cannot live withouttheInternet. Governments publish their latest policies anddecisionsonline for worldwide recognition. Political campaigns areoftendone online to gain wider public support. Companies andenterprisesresort to the Internet for more business opportunitiesandpotential customers home and abroad. Universities andresearchersturn to the Internet if they"d seek internationalcooperation orfunding. Common folks like us also rely on the cyberworld invarious ways, for communication, entertainment, bankingandshopping。

  True, the power of the Internet is all pervasive and itsmanynegative effects are already visible. For example, Internetaddictstend to withdraw to their own fantasy world rather thancommunicatewith a real person. Children are exposed to onlinepornography andviolence. Internet frauds are an everydayoccurrence. In view ofall this, you are advised to use the Internetwith wisdom. Keep itat a safe distance and never lose yourself。




  has drawn…, realized, and provided此为谓语连动式的运用。




  resort to借助、诉诸、求助于




  (1)negative effects副作用、反面作用


  (3)fantasy world虚拟世界、虚幻世界




  As a primary source of information as well as an efficientmeansof communication, the Internet offers people a colourfulandconvenient life. Just by clicking the mouse, we can enjoyabrilliant and easy life that could not be achieved everbefore:shopping, making friends, contacting relatives, looking forjobs,downloading music and movies, conducting business deals, andfreelyairing our opinions。

  For its convenience, the Internet has attracted peoplelikemagnets and some people even claim that it is indispensable.Tothem, life can"t go on without it. Every day millions ofpeoplespend hours on end surfing the Internet. They are obsessedwith itso much so that they forget many other importantmatters。

  As for me, I don"t approve of unrestrained Internetreliance.Although the Internet is a gift of the technologicalrevolution anda blessing of this information age, we should neverlet it controlour life. The Internet absolutely doesn"t mean thewhole world tous. Instead, we should guard against its negativeeffects. To thoseInternet addicts, I would add: “Self-control canmake or break yourlife. With proper use, the Internet serves you;otherwise, it killsyou。”

  (四)Craze for Civil Service Examinations

  1. 现在有越来越多的大学毕业生报考公务员

  2. 引起此现象的原因

  3. 你的看法




  l Craze for Civil Service Examinations

  Every year hundreds of thousands of people in China takecivilservice exams conducted at various levels in the hope ofbecominggovernment employees. Among them, college graduates areafast-growing force that can"t be ignored. The craze for beingacivil servant is not limited to liberal arts majors, as it"salsogaining popularity among science and engineering students。

  In the final analysis, this growing trend among the youngstersismainly attributable to two factors – ambitions and comforts. Ontheone hand, many ambitious college graduates view these exams asaspringboard to a higher social status, greater power andprestige,on which many of their other wishes rest. On the other, asbeing acivil servant generally means a stable income, enviablehealthcareand pension programmes, as well as other comforts oflife, it"squite an appealing career option to many people,especially in thisage of sluggish world economy。

  Personally, the desire to be a government official isbeyondreproach, as the nation and the people do need an injectionof newblood into the civil service sectors. The fresh-facedcollegegraduates, armed with lofty ideals, new vision, and strongdrive,are undoubtedly among the best candidates.




  liberal arts majors文科专业学生




  (1)On the one hand…On the other起到衔接上文作用

  (2)is attributable to归因于

  (3)sluggish world economy衰退的世界经济




  beyond reproach无可厚非

  (五)Is it Necessary to Attend Training Classes?

  1. 现在社会上有各种各样的培训班

  2. 有些人认为有必要参加课外培训班,有些人则认为没有必要

  3. 你的观点





  l Is it Necessary to Attend Training Classes?

  All across the country a great diversity of custom-madeclassesare mushrooming, in which special training is providedconcerningcomputer skills, arts, sports, and otherextracurricularspecialties like maths and writing. Among themlanguage crashcourses for various tests, such as CET, BEC, TOFEL,IELTS, GRE andso forth, are especially noticeable for its widerange and highattendance rate。

  Some consider it advisable to attend such classes whileothersbelieve it unnecessary. The former argues that it"s farmoreeffective to command these special skills with the help ofanexperienced trainer than to work at them on their own. Theyareconvinced that these training classes can make up for what isnottaught in school, hence, more competitive edge over theirpeers.The latter group of people, nonetheless, criticize it as asheerwaste of resources. They warn that the quality of mosttrainingcourses is questionable, as they are marketed to get moneyout ofour pocket rather than get knowledge into our head。

  As far as I am concerned, a little bit of such specialtrainingdoes us no harm, but too much of it can only prove tobecounter-productive. Anyhow, the deprived free time can bebetterinvested in recreation at weekends, talking to an old friend,orsimply enjoying a long-overdue vacation。




  (1)a great diversity of各种各样的


  (3)language crash courses语言速成课程




  注意连接词语while,The former,They,The latter groupofpeople等的使用,强化了上下文之间的连贯性。




  (1)as far as I am concerned我认为,就我而言


  (六)University Students" Pursuit of Famous Brands

  1. 现在很多大学生都追求穿名牌,用名牌

  2. 你对这种现象的看法





  University Students" Pursuit of Famous Brands

  “What perfumes are you wearing?” “Aren"t your shoes Nike"slatestrelease?” “I like the Mickey bag you bought yesterday。” “Ihear theJack & Jones store is on sale this week. Do you wannacomealong?” Don"t feel surprised if you hear them coming out ofthemouth of college students. It"s quite common to hear andseecollege students swapping information about the brands theylikeand the products they use. In fact, discussions about brandnameshave become one of the college students" favourite pastimes.Theylearn about the latest fashion from each other, exchange tipsaboutwhen and where to get the item, and buy it at theirearliestconvenience. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is theirconviction –“If the Joneses have it, how could I have not?”

  About this current mindset of the college students, manypeoplemay hasten to show their disapproval. They"ll probably takeit tobe a reflection of the students" vanity and superficiality.Andthey may lecture them on the virtue of being thrifty。

  However, I beg to differ. For one thing, name-brand productsareusually quality products. As such, they are somethingbeautiful,endurable, and reliable. “The love of beauty is common toall,”goes the proverb; therefore, there"s nothing to blame aboutthepursuit of famous brands. For the other, college students areoldenough to make their own decisions. Likewise, they must abidebythe consequences if they make an ill-advised one. If they lettheirpursuit of brands eat into their budget for other moreimportantissues, they should be able to correct their mistakes andkeepeverything in moderation. So this becomes no other than agoodchance to learn management, isn"t it?




  (1)keeping up with the Joneses要在地位和物质上比得上周围的人


  (3)vanity and superficiality虚荣心和面子观(肤浅、表面、浅薄)




  (1)abide by the consequences自食其果


  (3)in moderation适度、不过分

  (七)Knowledge and Diploma

  1. 目前社会上存在这样一种说法:文凭越高越吃香

  2. 而有些人则认为文凭不等于知识

  3. 你的观点




  l Knowledge and Diploma

  It is generally believed that a high diploma guaranteesapromising future. Some people identify high diplomas withprofoundknowledge and exceptional competence. Companies also tendtoemphasize the academic achievement of a job candidate. Like itornot, there does exist a social reality – the higher diplomasonegets, the more popular he becomes。

  On the contrary, other people claim that a high diplomadoesn"tautomatically translate into knowledge. A diploma, in theireyes,is only the acknowledgment of one"s educational experienceratherthan a guarantee of one"s ability. Therefore, we can nevermeasurethe depth of one"s knowledge by the grade of one"sdiploma.Besides, many knowledgeable people don"t have a highdiploma. TakeBill Gates for example. His dropping out of collegecannot deny thefact that he is one of the world"s most learnedmen。

  So I must say no one should ever equate a diploma withknowledge,because a diploma is nothing but a proof of a short-termstudywhile genuine knowledge needs one"s lifelong devotion。




  job candidate求职者、应聘者








  (1)equate a diploma with knowledge 把文凭与知识划等号

  (2)nothing but a proof of a short-term study只是短期学习的证明

  (八)The Rise of Shanzhai Culture

  1. 最近兴起了一股“山寨热”

  2. 你如何看待山寨现象





  l The Rise of Shanzhai Culture

  The vast array of knockoff name-brand products, such ascellphones, DVDs, MP3 players, have made “shanzhai” the hottestword ofthe year. Now we wear shanzhai watches, talk throughshanzhai cellphones, play shanzhai video games, use shanzhaicomputers, evenwatch shanzhai TV shows. Once a term used beforesome electronicproducts to suggest a copycat version of inferiorquality, shanzhainow suggests to many Chinese creativity andtrendiness. With themedia all over the rise of shanzhai culture,public opinions areclearly divided。

  Advocates invariably associate it with innovation,stylishness,the DIY spirit, open-mindedness and practicality, asshanzhaiproducts often mix imitation with innovation – a similarskin but adifferent heart. The end products are usually more naland muchcheaper than the original. Besides, they respond to themarket moreswiftly and they are more considerate in design. Thanksto them,more people at the grassroots level can enjoy the benefitof moderntechnology。

  However, other people, including myself, hold morereservedattitudes towards the shanzhai fever. For all thepopularity it haswon, a copycat is a copycat. The mockery of theprestige productsnot only steals their profits but also upsetsmarket competition.Moreover, shanzhai products thrive on thecurrent legal loopholes.Under the disguise of anti-dominanceslogans, they make illegalprofits by violating intellectualproperty rights and evadingtaxes. And to top it off, the so-calledinnovation is onlysenseless talk as true innovation always faceshuge costs andpotential failures, while plagiarism simply buildssuccess on otherpeople"s risks。




  …public opinions are clearly divided此句起承上启下的作用




  (1)mix imitation with innovation混淆模仿与创新

  (2)respond to the market对市场做出反应




  (1)The mockery of the prestige products拙劣地模仿名牌

  (2)thrive on茁壮成长、蓬勃发展、繁荣

  (3)legal loopholes法律漏洞(空子)

  (4)Under the disguise of anti-dominance slogans在反垄断口号的伪装下

  (5)violating intellectual property rights违反知识产权

  (6)evading taxes逃税


  (九)It"s Time to Stop Software Piracy

  1. 盗版软件比比皆是

  2. 盗版软件猖獗的原因

  3. 如何打击盗版软件





  l It"s Time to Stop Software Piracy

  China has often been criticized for the rampant practiceofsoftware piracy. Take a look around. We operate on piratedWindowssystems, defend PC security with pirated Kasperskyanti-virusprogrammes, process files with pirated Microsoft Office,draft 3Ddesigns with pirated AutoCAD, refine pictures with piratedAdobePhotoshop, and study English with pirated Kingsoft"selectronicdictionaries and translators. It"s no exaggeration thatpiratedsoftware is everywhere。

  The logic behind the phenomenon is simple and clear: if apiratedcopy is available for just a tiny fraction of the normalprice, notto speak of many of the free downloads online, who wouldpay for anauthentic copy? Cheaper prices aside, easy access isanotherimportant factor. With such a large gathering of piratedupgradesaround, who would bother to spend time and money searchingthestores for an authorized yet outdated version?

  Despite these apparent benefits, the practice of softwarepiracyshould be banned, because it represents unfair competitionand bynature it"s a no-win situation. But how? Two approaches areto betaken at the same time: Technically, software developersshouldenhance their antipiracy engineering, so that cracking thesoftwareshould be virtually impossible. And legally, the governmentshouldalso tighten its antipiracy laws and toughen up thepenalties, sothat violations should be costly。




  the rampant practice of software piracy猖獗的盗版软件




  (1)downloads online 在线下载

  (2)authentic copy正版




  tighten its antipiracy laws and toughen upthepenalties加强反盗版立法和盗版惩罚

  (十)Effects of Financial Crisis on College Students

  1. 金融危机给各行各业都造成了一定影响

  2. 金融危机对大学生造成何种影响

  3. 作为大学生,应怎样应对这种影响




  l Effects of Financial Crisis on College Students

  Since the financial crisis swept the world, the global economyhassunk into a severe recession. It"s hard to get through a daywithouthearing or reading news about the devastating effects ofthe crisis:A world of companies go bankrupt, millions of employeesare laidoff, high-return investment bubbles burst, and huge sumsof loanscan never be retrieved. Its impact on our daily life canbe felt inall walks of life。

  College students inevitably fall victim to this pervasive slumpaswell. On top of that, internships and job vacancies are reducedtothe minimum as companies keep shrinking. New graduatesfindthemselves hard to get a job, not to speak of a satisfactoryone.What comes next? Poor students will be hard-pressed if theyfindstudent loans unavailable any more. As a result, some evencannotafford to continue their studies. Lastly, more studentsareprobably out there anxiously looking for part-time jobs nowthatthey have to help cover their expenses in this gloomyeconomy.Their innocence and eagerness might be taken advantage ofby somemalicious businesspeople, or even criminal gang。

  In response to these threats, we students must act promptlyandwisely. Since we definitely will be facing a competitivejobmarket, it"s crucial that we submit high qualityresumes.Therefore, we must commit more to our professional studies.Even dobetter, master more relevant job skills as a doublesecurity.Furthermore, apply for scholarships and grants, as theseare stillavailable and we don"t have to pay them back. As for thesafetyissues, trust our instinct – there"s no free lunch in thisworld.Anything that promises quick returns without much work is asuretrap. Stay alert and protect ourselves。




  (1)severe recession严重衰退

  (2)devastating effects毁灭性的后果

  (3)go bankrupt破产

  (4)high-return investment bubbles高回报投资泡沫





  (1)slump 经济萧条、不景气、经济衰退

  (2)internships 实习

  (3)fall victim to 被降服、屈服于





  注意since, therefore, furthermore等关联词的使用,使句间关系更加紧密。


  1. 记叙一件事 When and where who did what?

  A few days ago, I bought an English-Chinese dictionary atXinhuabookstore in the downtown area of Xinjiekou. When I went backtolook up some new words in the dictionary, I found pages 101 to150were missing. So on that afternoon, I returned to thebookstorewhere I had purchased it and filed a complaint directly tothegeneral manager about the problem。

  一次活动的安排,旅游的行程都可以套用记叙文模式,注意时间的推进,可用明确的时间几点几分,也可用大致的时间如early inthemorning/at noon/in the afternoon/evening/at night,还可用First…Then…Atlast…如果是发生过的事,一定要用一般过去时,如果是活动安排,须用将来时。

  2. 描述一个社会现象,如不诚实、盗版、校园浪费等等,要充分利用例证

  Dishonesty has been prevalent in our society in recent years.Forexample, many students cheat to obtain high scores on variousexamssuch as CET for Band 4 or 6. Or businesses and companiesproducefake goods or products of inferior quality to reap illegalprofits.What is worse, some government officials and corporateleaders areinvolved in criminal cases of bribery and corruption,abusing thepower in their hands. The flood of dishonest phenomenahas broughtabout a harmful effect on our society。



  The popularity of Western festivals in China may be attributedtoseveral factors. On one hand, with China"s opening up totheoutside world, many people, young people in particular, havebeenexposed to foreign cultures, an important part of whichareholidays and festivals. On the other hand, business peopletakeadvantage of the occasion of celebrating western festivalstopromote sales of their products to make much more money thanusual.A case in point is Christmas shopping every year。

  There are several factors/reasons for …First of all(Foronething)…Secondly(For another)…Lastly(In addition)

  4. 提出解决问题的方案,要注意照顾到问题所涉及的方方面面:应该怎么做?

  To make good food and water supplies even better, theGovernmentneeds to tighten its regulatory standards, stiffen itsinspectionprogram and strengthen its enforcement policies. The foodindustryshould modify some long accepted practices or turn tolesshazardous alternatives. Perhaps most important, consumers willhaveto do a better job of learning how to handle and cookfoodproperly. The problems that need to be tackled exist all alongthefood supply chain, from fields to processing plantstokitchens。

  在上面这段关于食品、饮用水安全的文章中,提到了政府、相关产业以及消费者三个方面,而谓语动词分别用了need todosth.//should do sth.//will have to do a better job ofdoingsth。可以借鉴,此外还可 It is necessary/imperative/important for sb. todosth.// It is high time that sb. did 等句型。

  5. 描述图表/变化/趋势,一定要将变化清楚地表达出来,考过的作文有产权变化、出国旅游人数的增加、饮食结构的变化等。

  As is shown in the chart/diagram/picture, there has beenaslow/slight/steady (rapid/tremendous/dramatic)increase/rise(decrease/fall/drop) in the number of touriststraveling abroad inthe past decade/from 1995 to 2005. In 1995, onlyabout 10,000people in X city went to foreign countries.However,//But in 2005,the number had soared to more than XXX, whichis X times as much asthat of the year XXXX。

  From the table/graph/statistics it can beseen/concluded/estimatedthat the consumption of dairy products andeggs has been/is on therise. On the contrary/By contrast, theconsumption of rice and flourhas been/is on the fall/decline. Inother words, the diet of urbanresidents is more balanced andnutritious than ever before。

  Those who choose to study overseas account for X percent ofthetotal of high school graduates。

  另外,注意增加/减少百分之几,英文表达是increase/decrease by X percent, 介词by不可或缺。


  As the inheritor and distributor of our civilization, wecollegestudents should(观点)be fully aware the important role playedby theclassics in broadening our horizon and shaping our worldoutlook.Therefore(因果), we should start reading the repertoire oftheclassics which the greatest minds of all ages have left behindsothat(目的) we can have a correct perspective on the worldandunderstand the true meaning of life. In one word(总结), itisimperative for us to attach great importance to the reading oftheclassics。


  Some suggest/argue that the Spring Festival Gala on CCTV shouldbecanceled because the viewers have had a lot of other meansofrelaxation which are more colorful and full of more fun.Forexample, they can take advantage of the holiday to go travelingtosome scenic or historic resorts together with the family。

  As we all know, it pays to be honest. If we are honestwithothers, we will win trust and respect from them. But if wedeceiveothers for our own benefits, we will be found out sooner orlaterand lose our credit and trustworthiness, therebyincurringdisrepute and disgrace in the long run。

  7.应用文写作:近些年考过的题目有书信、导游词、倡议书、招募书、竞选演说等等,非常灵活,不一而足。实际上,应用文并不难写,只要注意相对固定的格式和一些常用的套话即可。如07年6月份的四级题WelcometoourClub,第一段说明社团的活动内容,第二段列出参加社团的好处有哪些,第三段说明加入社团的方式,不难看出主体上这是一篇说明文。再如05年六级的作文题HelpNeeded要求简单介绍病人的病情和家境、目前所面临的困难,给出捐助的联系方式,几乎与前者如出一辙。考生只要能熟练掌握上面所列出的六种展开段落的方式,就可以决战考场、应付如裕! (来源:人民网-教育频道)